Bluetooth Headphones – The Second Review

It’s been almost exactly two years since I last posted about Bluetooth headsets. As of my last writing I had settled on the Motorola S11-HD for running and the Plantronics Backbeat Go2 for general use. Since then, my S11s died and, typical for my luck, because I liked them, Motorola quit making them. I’ve no idea why. So I picked up a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds for running and continued to use the Backbeat Go2 for general use. They worked well for the last two years.

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Countdown To Ft Collins Comic Con Giveaway!

This is an update on the giveaway I’m running on my facebook author page. Facebook makes things hard to do, and this giveaway works one day and not the next. So this is intended as an alternative in case people run into problems accessing it via Facebook. If it doesn’t open automatically, click here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can gain entries for just liking my author page, for following me on Twitter, signing up for my mailing list and posting reviews of my books on Amazon. The work you required, the more entries you get! You can get 14 entries, and you can earn bonus entries for tweeting about it each day between now and the 27th! Get in on the action and win some sweet stuff!!



Pride, Prejudice & Zombies

Here there be mild spoilers. Ye have been warned.

Here’s the thing about zombie movies: they have to be really, really bad to be bad. I have enjoyed just about every zombie movie I’ve watched – even the ‘B’ (or ‘C’) movies all seem to have some sweet FX moves in them that stick with me long after. In Zombie Strippers it was the stripper’s skin sliding off her arm like one of Jessica Rabbit’s gloves. In Cockneys vs Zombies it was the face getting blown off a zombie – but still latched onto an arm after the body falls away. They’ve all got their charms.

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Zed’s World Updates

Hey everyone…I’ve been neglecting the Zedprep site for too long, so please accept my apologies. I have had the best intentions of getting more content out here, but you know what they say about those. Anyway, there are changes afoot.

We’ve made a change in the direction of the Zed’s World universe. With real world challenges, keeping the serial novel on the site moving forward and free AND working on the Zed’s World tie-in novels was proving to be too challenging time-wise. So we have decided to pull the serial novel off-line, expand the content of the episodes, and publish them as a series of books. The first one was released in December and has done really well. At fifty-three pages, the novella has been the little book that could, with 300 sales and 30,000 pages read on Kindle Unlimited.

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