Preview of Zed’s World Book Three

Check out the preview of No Way Out; the exciting third book in the Zed’s World series. Available on Amazon on May 30, 2017.

D-Day kicks his leg free of the creature that has a grip on him. His pistol is already in his hand, and he fires several shots, perforating torsos and limbs, releasing the foul-smelling spoor. The zombie that had ahold of his leg drops dead, a third of its head missing after one of the rounds tears a path through it. He kicks at the side of the knee of the second one. Dead or not, the knee is still the weakest link. It drops on the carpet next to him, and he puts a round into its head at point blank range. Lights out.

The third one grabs D-Day’s hair. He jerks away from the thing’s grip, grateful he keeps his hair short, and the revenant can’t get a better grip on his locks. He spins on the floor, locking his legs in the zombie’s legs, and twisting. It loses its balance, falls to the left, and takes out the remainder of the window as it tumbles out of the building and falls one hundred feet to the sidewalk.

More zombies are coming. D-Day sprints to his open apartment door and slams it shut. The noise no doubt alerts the undead in the hallway to his presence, but even with a suppressor on the pistol, the commotion with the terrible trio no doubt had already done that.

With his back to the door, he counts four more of them homing in on him. He puts two down before the slide locks back on his pistol. He barely has time to free his knife from its sheath when the third one is on him. He kicks the side of its knee, sending it to the carpet, and steps to the side of number four. Its momentum carries it to D-Day’s left, the bloodied and broken hand passing a fraction of an inch past his face. He grabs that arm and pulls, driving the knife into its ear and pushing it into the hilt. The creature’s power goes out, and it collapses, dropping to the carpet and rolling against the door, taking D-Day’s knife with it.

He sprints to the kitchen, with number three back to its feet and limping after him. He grabs the skillet off of his stove and brings it down on the things head. Bone crunches, but the creature doesn’t go down. He swings the other direction, bringing the pan up, connecting with and breaking the jaw. Its head snaps back, and D-Day kicks it in the chest, buying himself some space. He skitters past it, back to the entryway, and retrieves his pistol. He drops the empty magazine, racks the slide on a fresh one and puts a bullet in the head of number three just as it was gaining momentum back toward him.

Now that he has a moment to breathe, he recognizes one the zombies as the blonde man who wanted one of D-Day’s guns, his yellow hair streaked with blood, long deep scratches on his face. Part of his nose and upper lip are missing.

He looks around his apartment and sees blood everywhere in the entryway, on the wall, and onto the ceiling. Blondie must have come here for D-Day’s guns when Melissa released the dead into the building, and they got him right here in the doorway. He spies one of the master keys that he gave to the supply gathering crew laying near the couch, also covered with blood. It was all for nothing. D-Day’s guns are all locked in a safe in his closet.


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