The Gathering Horde, Book One

The Gathering Horde

The most ambitious terrorist plot ever undertaken is about to be put into motion, releasing an unstoppable force against humanity. Ordinary people – a group of students celebrating the end of the semester, suburban and rural families – are about to find themselves in the center of something that threatens the survival of the human species. As they battle the dead – and the living – it’s going to take every bit of skill, knowledge, and luck for them to survive in Zed’s World.

The Gathering Horde introduces readers to Zed’s World, the first seven episodes of an online serial saga released for the first time with updated content as a novella.


Roads Less Traveled, Book Two

Roads Less Traveled

A terrible plague has been loosed upon the earth. In the course of one night, mankind teeters on the brink of extinction. Fighting through gathering hordes of undead, a group of friends brave military checkpoints, armed civilians, and forced allegiances in an attempt to reach loved ones. Thwarted at every turn, they press forward. But taking roads less traveled could cost them everything. Zed’s World continues with book two.


No Way Out, Book Three

No Way Out

For Kyle Puckett, Earth has become a savage place. As the world continues to decay, the survivors of the viral plague have started choosing sides. With each encounter the stakes – and the body count – continue to rise. With the skies growing darker and the dead pressing in, both sides may soon find out that there is No Way Out.